Minitab is a Statistical Analysis software used by the college. Minitab is made available to all students that require the software for free. To install Minitab follow the steps outlined below:

1.    Use your browser to navigate to

2.    You should now see a login page. Fill out your username and password and then press Log On.

3.    After logging in you should see two download links: one for Windows and a second for Mac. Click on the download link that applies to your computer and then press Save.

4.    Once MiniTab has finished downloading you will see a bar at the bottom of your screen. Click on Open Folder to continue.

5.    Find the Minitab17 file that you just downloaded and right click on it. There should be a new menu that comes up. Click on Extract All.... If you do not see the Extract All.... options, click on Open.

6.    If you clicked Extract All...:

    a.    You will be prompted to decide where to put the files. Leave everything as the default and press Extract. After pressing Extract, a new window will pop up. This is the window we will work from.

7.    If you clicked Open

    a.    You will be prompted to choose which program to open with. Select Windows Explorer and press OK.

    b.    Highlight all of the folders and files (bootstrapper through setup.exe) and right click on the highlighted area. A menu will pop up, click on Copy.

    c.    Close this window and go to your desktop. Right click on your desktop and click on New -> Folder.

    d.    The folder will be created as "New Folder". You can change the name by typing in the highlighted area. We recommend calling it minitab to be able to locate it easier. You will want to delete this folder once Minitab has finished installing.

    e.    Open up the minitab folder by doucle clicking on it. In the new window, right click on the blank area and press Paste.

8.    Double click on setup.exe to start the installation. Once the process has been started you will not be prompted for any input. The installation may take up to 5 minutes to complete and the installation will not show any signs that it is currently working. During this time, please do not shut down or restart the computer. Shutting down or rebooting during installation will cause you to have to restart the setup.exe to continue installation. Once the software has completed installing you will notice a Minitab shortcut on your desktop. this will be the only sign to let you know the software installation has finished successfully. You may now delete the minitab folder from your desktop (you will want to leave the Minitab shortcut icon).