Get Started with Office 365 Exchange Email

Starting in Fall 2020, staff groups will begin moving to a new version of Exchange email and calendaring. The new system will offer the campus community an up-to-date web interface for email and calendar. It will also enable better integration with other new Office 365 tools, applications, and features (such as the new Outlook web app, Microsoft To-Do, and Planner).

If your group is being upgraded, you will be notified via email prior to the change. Contact the Helpdesk with any questions or concerns.

If you need to access your email or calendar right away, sign in with your Walsh College email ( and your password at, and follow these instructions later.

Spam filtering software may occasionally incorrectly categorize some messages as junk. This is likely due to the increased volume of emails being sent on a daily basis. We recommend that you check spam/junk folders regularly, and mark legitimate messages as not junk.

What to do & Changes to expect after switching to Office 365 Exchange email

  1. Reboot your computer or device to make sure your email client connects to your migrated email account.
    • In some cases, you may need to disable and re-enable or remove and re-add your account to your email program or app after migration. If your account appears to be available in your email client, but does not send/receive messages - or does not show up at all, follow these instructions to remove/re-add the account from supported email clients.
    • If folders appear to be missing after the transition, click to expand the inbox and folders on the left side of the window to view more folders.
  1. Use the new web address for accessing Exchange email and calendaring in the web browser:
    • After being migrated to Office 365 Exchange email, the old web address will give you a link to the new web app.
    • To go to the new web app directly, navigate to instead.
  1. Explore new Outlook web app features and options. (Click the megaphoneWhat’s New“ icon in the upper right of the new Outlook web app to learn about more new features.)
    • Read Office documents without leaving your inbox:
      Click on an attached Word file in the new Outlook web app to view it alongside your email.

Tip: try clicking ”Immersive Reader“ in the upper right to make documents easier to read.

    • Learn about Focused Inbox:
      Focused Inbox is intended to sort less important messages into a separate, but still accessible inbox – to help you focus. You can move a conversation from your Other inbox to Focused by right clicking it and clicking ”Move“, and then ”Move to Focused Inbox“.

You can also turn Focused Inbox on or off completely:

      1. Click the settings gear icon in the upper right, then View all Outlook settings in the bottom right.
      2. Check or uncheck Sort messages into Focused and Other.
    • Choose a theme for your account:
      1. Click the settings gear icon in the upper right, then View all Outlook settings in the bottom right.
      2. Click General and then Appearance on the left side of the window, then choose a theme and click Save at the top.

Tip: If you prefer a darker screen, try the new Dark mode with the switch at the bottom of this pane.

    • Set up your email signature:
      1. Click the ”settings gear icon“ in the upper right, then View all Outlook settings in the bottom right.
      2. Click ”Mail“ and then ”Compose and reply“ on the left side of the window, then create your signature and click Save at the top.
  1. Try new Office 365 tools, applications, and features which are now integrated with your email and calendar.
    • Click the ”App Launcher“ grid icon in the upper left of the new Outlook web app to quickly access other Office 365 apps.
    • You can also sign in at to explore Office 365 apps like Teams, Planner, and To-Do.​