Student Email on Android

Follow the steps below to setup your student email on your Android device. The following steps were made using Android 4.0.3.

  1. From the home screen on your android device, tap the menu button and click on SettingsNOTE: Some android phones do not have this shortcut. In that case, navigate to the Settings app.

  1. In the settings menu, find the Accounts section and click on Add account.

  1. Click on Microsoft Exchange from the selection of different account types.

  1. Enter your email and password, then click on Manual Setup.

  1. In the Domain\username field, change the to In the Exchange Server field, type in and then click Next.

  1. Click OK on the small popup to allow remote security administration.

  1. Click Next at the bottom of the Account options page.

  1. The next screen will ask you to activate the device administrator for the remote administration. This allows Walsh College to remove the email from the device if it gets lost or stolen. Click on Activate.

  1. Give this email a name (any name you would like) and press Done.