Login Screen

You can login to Okta by going to https://sso.walshcollege.edu.


  • Username – Your Walsh username or Walsh email address (both are acceptable).
  • Password – Your Walsh password (first-time users: see “First-time Login”).
  • Remember Me – Checking this box will save a cookie to the browser with your username. Only check this if you are the only person to use this device.
  • Sign in – Once the username and password are entered, click here to sign in.
  • Need help signing in? – Click this link if you’ve forgotten your password (see “Forgotten Password”).


Note: When you log in, if you do not see any apps on your dashboard, please do not be alarmed. There are no applications that have been deployed to users at this point.

Quick Links:

First-time Login

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Change Password

Expired Password

Forgotten Password