Connecting to Walsh Wireless

The following instructions will guide students, staff, and faculty through connecting to the Walsh secure wireless. If you are not a student, staff, or faculty you will need to use the Walsh-Guest wireless instead.

  1. From your desktop, open up the list of wireless networks in the area by clicking on the wireless icon on the lower right side of your screen. It should bring up a screen just like below.

  1. Click on the Walsh network and then press Connect.

  1. Type in your username and password and then click OK.

  1. If you see an error message like below, click Connect or Connect Anyway.

  1. After pressing connect you will see the wireless icon change to an . Once you see this icon, you should be connected to the network. The computer will test the network connection so this icon may stay like this for up to 2 minutes. After a short period of time you should see the icon switch to . Once you see this icon, you are all set.

If you are still having issues connecting to the wireless after following the above steps. Please refer to our Wireless Troubleshooting Guide.