Installing Minitab

Minitab is a Statistical Analysis software used by the college. Minitab is made available to all students that require the software for free. To install Minitab follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Use your browser to navigate to
  2. You should now see a login page. Fill out your username and password and then press Log On.

  1. After logging in you should see two download links: one for Windows and a second for Mac. Click on the download link that applies to your computer.
  2. Once downloaded open the Minitab download and launch the Minitab setup application file.

  1. After the setup file is launched choose the Extract All option in order to unzip the zipped folder.

  1. Now that the folder is unzipped launch the Minitab setup file again.

  1. Click through the install prompts until you reach How do you want to activate the software. Choose Activate with a license and choose Next.
  2. Choose the File option and select the Browse… button.

  1. Navigate to the initial Minitab folder that was downloaded/unzipped and select/open the .LIC file.

  1. Finish the install by clicking through the final next/install prompts.